For his new album, “Diamond In The Ruff,” Freeway has hit the studio with longtime collaborator, Just Blaze, for the highly anticipated track “Early.” The track marks the first time the two have worked together since Just helmed the bulk of Free’s 2003 debut “Philadelphia Freeway.”

I hadn’t checked out any of the releases from this LP, but the Just Blaze production credit got my attention and I’m damn glad about it. This beat is an absolute thumper, with a bassy, insanely pounding percussion that feels like it just might set fire to your eardrums at any given moment. Freeway’s approach? Match that power with intensity of his own, and he does very well courtesy of empassioned verses and an attitudinal hook that anchors the song excellently. A superb cut that just made Freeway’s album signifcantly more enticing.

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