Fabolous-So NY (Video)

Fab genuinely churns out some very likeable material, and this track released a little while back (and now featuring on his recent mixtape The Soul Tape 2) was a favourite of mine for a couple of weeks. The upbeat, jazz and rock-influenced production made for a departure in beat style for Fab, and it’s one that suits him down to the ground as it allows him to inject more energy into his ever-casual rapping style.

From the razor-sharp percussion to the piercing guitar work, it’s a production driven heavily by some excellent live instrumentation, and that gives the track the raw, unfiltered style it needs to properly capitalise on Loso’s hometown lyricism. A mixture of home truths about his city and plenty of biographical lines, the verses are packed with an intensity that gives the lyricism a much more personal feel than we’ve got from Loso in some time, and again that instrumentation enhances that excellently.

The video works well with the audio, interspersing some live performance shots with short clips of New York and its inhabitants. It’s nothing spectacular and rightfully so-as an ode (of sorts) to his hometown, it keeps things as simple as they should be in the context of the lyrics. Very replayable, and you can find this on the aforementioned mixtape.

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