Eve-Quiet Storm Freestyle

Eve’s been creeping back into the scene ever so slowly with the occasional release, freestyle or just poking her head around miscellaneous doors. Whilst most of them have gone under the radar (because I’ve left it too late to check them out), there was no way I was passing this one over, as Eve grabs Mobb Deep’s classic instrumental for a brief set of bars.

Don’t be fooled by the video’s length: Eve doesn’t actually start rapping until halfway through, so we only get about 40 seconds of work, but it’s enough to both revive the beat for a few more plays in the hip-hop heads’ playlists, and to suggest she’s back and ready to fire. Her flow is as watertight as ever, as she gets increasingly comfortable with her delivery and that impacts on the lyricism, which gets progressively aggressive (feel free to use that term as an album title, rappers), before the track cuts. She’s flirting with us, and it’s working-I want more, and I hope she’s bringing the rest soon.

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