Ed Sheeran-Give Me Love (Video)

Ed’s choices for singles from his debut album + have been nothing short of excellent so far, and he continues rattling out clips for his strongest tracks with this release.

It’s a rather leftfield one too, in contrast to what is arguably one of the more lyrically ‘direct’ songs on the album. The video works backwards to a degree, opening up with a series of visceral images of an apparent murder victim, and moving to scenes of her contemplating use of various torture instruments. The video then takes a slightly surreal twist as the once-afflicted character turns first into what seems to be an angel and then into a cupid-style being, albeit one with clear troubles. Her targets become increasingly random and less thought-out (compare the considered sniper shot at the start to the frenetic chaos towards the end), and that eventually leads to her ‘falling on her own sword’, until the moment arrives to cause the offending arrow to disappear. It’s a very enjoyable clip that adds a dark, gritty edge to the mere idea of cupid and angels, and of course the song it’s set to is a great backdrop for it all. Another superb video from Ed, grab that album if you haven’t already.

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