Crystal Castles-Affection

Their upcoming (III) album is shaping up to be one of the best electro releases of the year, and here goes one final preview before it finally lands on 5th November.

A recurrent theme, somewhat paradoxically, has been the diversity of every release from the album. That trend continues into this effort, which is considerably more positive and upbeat than almost everything we’ve heard from the LP, courtesy of melodic and soft vocal work from Alice Glass and light yet sharp supporting synths. The pulsating nature of the latter creates a vibe of controlled freneticism (I’m a paradox machine today), whilst the ever-changing percussion moves the track across a few different styles, at points threating to break into a high-paced mainstream affair, and slowing down at others to focus on the vocals. A good track with plenty of dynamism, and be sure to grab that album on Monday.

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