Chrisette Michele-Charades (Video)

The soft production, subtle vocals and likeable lyricism combine for one of the standout R&B tracks in recent times, and it hasn’t left my playlist since its release a short while back. However, the released version had an entirely unnecessary 2 Chainz verse as the opener and whilst he has his time and place, a song of this delicate nature deserved better than his odd attempts at being a singer. Hence, I was beyond delighted when I noticed she’d cut him out for the video version, and that allows the style of the video to stay much closer to the vibe of the audio.

Between the monochrome filter and Chrisette’s economical movements at the start of the video, there’s a sultriness and minimalism that enhances the mellow audio, whilst the general lack of excessive action allows her to adding flashes of emotion to her observational lyrics. There’s a nice progressiveness off the back of that too, with her movements becoming less frugal as the video rolls on, coupled with her reducing the distance between her and the male lead character from start to finish-she opens the video watching him from a distance, and ends it in his arms. Really enjoying this audiovisual, and in a genre bereft of almost anything worthwhile, this makes for a nice change.

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