Casey Veggies-Smart Water

Always a pleasure to get some new Casey Veggies, and this one comes with a Chuck Strangers production to boot. For those not following the Pro Era clan, along with Joey Bada$$ he’s a part of that collective, both as a beatsmith and a rapper. Great to see more members of that team spread their wings into wider hip-hop, and this is a good look for Chuck.

He serves up a production that utilises a wild jazz sample, which at times almost descends into a freeform style, and straps that to a throughouly meaty percussion line, giving the backdrop an equal measure of hip-hop solidity and vibrant expressionism. Casey’s laidback style is amped up slightly to keep pace with that, and his lively raps synergise with the upbeat percussion excellently, whilst also playing on the percussion’s intensity. Smart slice of hip-hop that’s worthy of a few replays.

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