Bryan Greenberg-Generations

Many know Bryan for his work on How To Make It In America, whilst some will also know he works dilligently as a musician. We’re a little slack on keeping up-to-date with his musical output (here for the last time), but this was certainly a worthy cause as he attempts to (impartially) encourage today’s American youth to vote.

Whilst that has no real impact on us British citizens, the execution is excellent. Bryan opens with an atmospheric yet minimal backdrop, his echoed vocals supported by muted guitar and percussion work, before the track slowly builds into a more emotional style with the aforementioned elements increasing in intensity and impact. It builds towards a strong final third with crashing percussion, lively synths and guitars, and empassioned vocals that match each of the upscaled production elements with a captivating rawness. Great slice of alternative music, and let’s hope there’s more to come.

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