Blink-182 Announce Dogs Eating Dogs EP

This kind of agility is exactly what we were looking for, post-label. We have ideas for songs, we get into a studio and put the ideas together, grind hard, and weeks later we release the songs on our own. Lots of long hours spent on five new songs. The band is in a great place creatively.

Mere minutes ago, Blink-182 announced the release of a new EP as part of their Christmas pre-order packages. I don’t think any Blink fans expected music so soon, even if the Neighborhoods album was released over a year ago and this, their first release since choosing to go independent, should make for interesting listening.

There are 3 packages, at $19.99, $54.99 and $99.99, each containing a mix of t-shirts, hoodies, Blink-182 wrapping paper and more. Yeah, that’s right. Wrapping paper. The EP is included with all packages, and will also be available seperately to download on 18th December. Given there’s also a new Angels and Airwaves EP in early December, it’s a pretty exciting Christmas for Blink fans. You can pre-order or just browse the packages here.

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