Angels and Airwaves-Diary (Video)

At over 8 minutes long, most AVA fans will rightfully expect another Star of Bethlehem situation. That’d certainly be a good thing given it’s a superb piece, and whilst this is a rather different proposition it’s no less impressive, even if it is far removed from their usual material.

The notable factor is how little this focuses on vocals, and instead is really driven by the instrumentation. It’s rare the band do that at such length, and usually save that for interludes or extended intros (such as Star), and it’s certainly a welcome change given how consistently excellent their instrumental work is. Dedicated to their late friend Critter, the clip opens with nearly 3 minutes of minimalism via soft key notes and little else: it’s a chance to focus on the video, which stays true to the Diary title. It’s made up of behind-the-scenes and live footage, and the grainy, stuttering filters applied give it a ‘hazy memory’ vibe that definitely adds a personal feel, before the music evolves with crashing percussion and more lively keys. The next 2 minutes keep this up, before switching down to soft synths and a vocal sample, and back up again to instrumentation but with distorted vocals layered on top. It’s a track that really works in clearly divided segments, and hence makes for the type of diverse listening that makes an 8 minute track just fly by. This features on the Stomping on the Phantom Brake Pedal EP, due for release on 18th December.

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