Alicia Keys-Fire We Make ft. Maxwell

Wow. This is a collaboration that promises so much, with two of the most impressive voices in the business coming together for the very first time. Alright, I’m kidding nobody-the mere thought of new Maxwell music alone has me giddy, even if its just a feature.

This could have gone one of two ways: huge, powerful track or smoothed-out soul vibes. No prizes for guessing which one I wanted, and it’s exactly what we got. Mellow guitar licks and soft claps comprise the majority of the production, giving this one a sultry bedroom vibe that’ll make for a lovely addition to various ‘special’ playlists, whilst also being an unobtrusive backdrop for the vocalists to do their work. Alicia’s vocals are subtle and laidback throughout to complement her loved up lyricism nicely, though even with my fan bias aside, Maxwell the highlight on this. His contribution comes via his beautifully-consistent falsetto delivery, contrasting with Alicia’s verse by opting for a slightly more passionate delivery that works excellently, whilst his lyricism stays on point throughout. Thoroughly enjoying this, and I hope Maxwell’s next album is near.

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