XV-Don't Like Remix ft. Sez Batters and Freddy High

It might be the sheer ignorance of it, but I still love hearing this beat and hook. There’s no real musical justification for it, so for simplicity let’s call it a guilty pleasure. In any case, getting the Squarian crew on it is always going to end well, and will certainly up the buzz ahead of that mixtape release later tonight/tomorrow morning.

Each of the trio does a good job with the thumping production, with the consistency in the intensity levels of the raps matching up excellently to the ferocity of the in-your-face beat, helped by two of the verses being relatively short and snappy. Sez opens (I think? I’m still figuring out whether its Freddy or Sez) with arguably the most aggressive verse of the three, passing on to XV who swaps intensity for intelligence with a couple of clever lines in a longer verse, before Freddy (or Sez) closes with a quick blast of brash lyricism. Good remix, be sure to keep an eye out for that mixtape later.

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