XV and Freddy High-My Type of Party Freestyle

Up until yesterday, I had no idea XV and his Squarian crew were releasing a mixtape this weekend, but I’m certainly glad I found out. As a big fan of Vizzy’s work, I’ve got faith in his team to also deliver the goods, not least because the hugely-talented (and frequent XV producer) The Awesome Sound is likely to helm most of the beats.

With that said, Freddy High holds his own here. The beat is grabbed from Dom Kennedy’s track of the same name, and though I’m unfamiliar with the original, I must say its hard to imagine many others synergising with this beat as Freddy does. It’s a slow, synth-heavy production that throws out tons of atmosphere along with a bassy percussion for a beat that makes for a great winter drive track, and Freddy’s intensity makes for a nice contrast to that, though credit to XV who opens the track off well with his own contribution. Very enjoyable track, and expect more to drop ahead of that mixtape release.

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