The xx-Chained (Video)

Here is our new video for Chained! Directed by Young Replicant, who were a pleasure to work with. Spending 2 days underwater wasn’t quite as easy as we thought. We love how it turned out, hope you enjoy too, xx The xx.

One of the first releases from Coexist back in early August, and as one of the strongest tracks on the album it’s a great choice for a video.

Filmed in partnership with The Creators Project, the colour palette of the video is excellent throughout, with their sombre qualities of the beat captured by the range of greys and blues, whilst the more upbeat vocals are represented in the ocassional bursts of ‘oil slick’ rainbow colours. That theme sets up the rest of the video nicely, with an empty, bleak dock livened by the activity of the band as they jump into the still waters, once again visualising the differing segments of the song, whilst being visually impressive in the almost-ethereal underwater scenes. It’s all accompanied by a grand sense of scale that every shot emanates via the surrounding emptiness and calm of each landscape, and the whole package makes for visually engaging viewing that complements the audio terrifically. Stream and buy the album here if you haven’t already done so.

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