The Weeknd-Wicked Games (Video)

Having released a remastered version of this track from House of Balloons around a month ago, The Weeknd follows that up its official visuals ahead of that 13th November release date for Trilogy.

Funny thing to say, but this coupled with his recent video release for Rolling Stone suggest he’s a little closer to removing that veil of mystery and becoming a more ‘regular’ artist. Good thing? Not sure, but it hasn’t compromised his minimal nature as this video will attest to. All shot in monochrome as you’d expect, and full of the dark, moody elements that make his work so viscerally appealing, including (but not limited to) borderline angry, attitudinal face shots, shadowy dancing and late night walks. The combination works excellently to highlight the desperation of the vocal and lyrical work, showcasing that ‘tell me you love me‘ line to be much more downbeat than the lively remastered production would suggest. It’s an easy watch accompanied by an audio that benefits from the rework, in addition to being a combination that very much stays on-brand as far as The Weeknd’s general approach to his art goes, regardless of whether his mystery is slowly peeled away.

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