The Weeknd-Trilogy Trailer 3

The rate at which he’s churning out releases is very surprising. Whilst I’m fully aware he’s at the business end of a promo cycle, his ‘out of nowhere’ style was something that built his brand across the 3 mixtapes that compile Trilogy, and hence the reverse in quantities of pre-launch material is staggering.

Don’t mistake that for a criticism though. Almost everything he’s released throughout October has been of great quality, and has helped solidify his status as one of the premiere R&B artists around right now. This brief clip is no different, with a snippet of Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) thrown in (meaning the first trailer was Twenty Eight), and the early signs once again being very positive for the new material. The production sounds dark and atmospheric, whilst the vocals are passionate and dominant, utilising the formula that makes some of his music so deliciously addictive and hopefully we’ll get to hear more of his improved songwriting to boot. Trilogy arrives on 13th November, and the buzz is at record levels.

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