The Weeknd-Trilogy Trailer 2

He took to Twitter yesterday to reveal both the pre-order for Trilogy (US iTunes for now) was available and also took time to put out another short clip ahead of that 13th November release date. He also announced ‘something for the fans’ to be released on Thursday-my inclination looking at that preorder is that it’ll be the video for his collaboration with Drake, The Zone.

The first trailer showcased one of the 3 new tracks set to be included and this one does the same thing, opting for a quick blast of Valerie (meaning the first trailer was either Till Dawn or Twenty Eight) accompanied by a rather upset lady surrounded by balloons, slightly reminiscent of the House of Ballons and (an inverted version of) the middle of the Thursday cover. Given that the track is attached to the end of the Thursday section on the album, I suspect it’s meant to be the latter. As this clip progresses, his vocals become incredibly impressive and that’s sure to make for good listening on the end product; let’s hope that’s the case on 13th November.

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