The Weeknd-Rolling Stone (Video)

One of the first releases we got from the then-upcoming Thursday, and now it’s the first visual we get in anticipation of his upcoming Trilogy album, set to contain all three of his mixtapes remastered for a 13th November delivery. It’s hard to believe this is only his second video, though many ignore The Knowing due to its conceptual style.

Taking inspiration from The xx’s Islands, there’s a groundhog day-style repetition created by the camera, slowly zooming outwards before resetting. Unlike that video however, there are some changes between transitions that are much more pronounced, as The Weeknd is given his first chance to personalise and fully visualise his music by having the clip centred around his performance of it. In keeping with his branding as a whole (The Knowing video aside), it’s very minimalist and is probably what he needs to have that ‘D’Angelo breakout moment’-no frills, just focus on the music and the man making it. The monochrome filter helps achieve that by removing colour distraction, whilst small touches such as blurring the female’s hands as they wrap around him, changing her hand positions and her ultimate removal all add up to a clip that keeps you looking out for those deft changes. Leftfield observation for the day: as The Weeknd’s face becomes blurred at the end, he ends up looking a little like Death with a dark cloak and light face. Adds a potentially interesting twist to the lyrics if that was intentional.

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