The Weeknd-Enemy

Earlier this week, the enigmatic singer promised a gift for his fans ahead of the release of Trilogy, and his generous streak continues with this hit of unreleased material.

If this is any indication of his new material on Trilogy, and forthcoming additional work, we’re in for some excellent listening. Enemy combines the slower, darker production stylings of Echoes of Silence with the desire-filled vocal deliveries of House of Balloons, and the end product is one that’s as perfect a slice of winter music as has been released by anyone this year. Soft key melodies, hints of guitar and crashing yet intermittent percussion combine for a backdrop with far more depth than you’ll first realise, and also one that’s got a hint of dynamism as elements fly in and out throughout the near 5-minute track. The vocal work is superb, from the tender intro to the more cool, attitudinal hook, whilst the lyricism is much improved from his more structure-less early days. Huge fan of this, and I’m hoping the audio gets dropped off soon.

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