Steven A. Clark-Fornication Under Consent of the King (Free Album)

Give this a listen and you’ll forgive me for the late pass.

Though some may already be familiar with his work, the closest comparison I can make of Steven for the rest of you is somewhere between Miguel and Maxwell. The album art here is clearly inspired by the latter’s most recent album, whilst his passionate yet occassionally delicate vocal style also draws from the same influence, though his music carries a more hook-centric and contemporary vibe and hence the Miguel parallels. Clark though is more inclined to select productions that have a hint of experimentalism about them, giving his music a unique and genre-blending feel: as he self-produces almost all of his work, it’s fair to suggest his eclecticism isn’t falsely derived from those he works with either, and instead is genuine diversity. From the lively and incredibly infectious opening track through to the soft and progressive closer, it’s a project delivered with an assurance and quality that belies his status as an upcoming act, and one that showcases a very talented artist with a great future.

Steven A. Clark-Fornication Under Consent of the King

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