Stalley-Loud Motors

The second from the new edition of Stalley’s “Songs by Me, Stalley” series. “Loud Motors” is produced by Rashad.

Stalley’s been relentless with the releases these last few months, and lets another very enjoyable freebie go to keep the hip-hop heads happy. The production is somewhere between uplifting, motivational and soulful, a trifecta that always blend well together, with Rashad serving up reflective melodies and thudding percussion for a beat that’s near-impossible to dislike. Stalley’s no junior on the mic, and once again brings forth some thought-provoking and confident raps that ride along the beat with consumate ease thanks to easygoing flows. The combination is a well-rounded hip-hop jam with a little hint of old-school flavour, and it’s one that I’ll be giving plenty of playtime in the car.

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