Stalley-Fountain Of Youth ft. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hu$$le (Video)

Stalley’s dropped several videos from his excellent Savage Journey to the American Dream mixtape, and now we’re treated to one from the recent MMG Self Made Vol. 2 album.

Assisted by Rick Ross and frequent MMG collaborator Nipsey Hussle, Stalley’s got a pretty good basis to deliver the goods and he certainly does. The beat certainly helps too, thanks to gentle keys, light percussion and an airy vocal sample all adding up to a chilled out production. Rozay opens up with a good verse by his standards, and whilst the lyricism isn’t anything new, his flow bounces along nicely and sets the tone for the track. Stalley’s up next with the standout verse, holding back on out-and-out ‘bragger raps’ by balancing each brag with a slice of humbleness, and it makes for refreshing listening. Nipsey closes things out with a couple of delivery styles and a similar down-to-earth style to Stalley, whilst his hook anchors the song well enough without ever being too notable. Enjoyable all-rounder that’ll make for good listening on those dark evenings. Grab the album on iTunes now.

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