Pusha T-Pain ft. Future

Pusha T springs right back into the game after Cruel Summer, preparing folk for that hotly-anticipated debut solo album that’s expected to drop in December. He’s put out plenty of good work in recent times, whether as part of a collaborative track or one of his own, and it’s certainly a good time for him to start properly breaking away for himself.

With that said, he’s not helped himself by featuring the mostly-talentless Future here. His hook is absolutely terrible, and can only be compared to a drunk, sleepy 2007 T-Pain, making his feature entirely pointless and to the detriment of the track. It’s a real shame as the production is pretty solid, throwing together pounding, bassy percussion with intense synths and lively work on the keys for a soundscape full of intensity and power, the type of beat Pusha thrives on. His raps are really likeable too, sticking to the pain theme well enough, whilst his natural aggressiveness capitalises on this beat to good effect. It’s just a shame the feature brings this down so much.

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