Ne-Yo-Don't Make Em Like You ft. Wiz Khalifa

A little mainstream goodness for the R&B heads, and it’s one with good quality songwriting from Ne-Yo that’s pretty easy to appreciate.

Celebrating his lady of choice, he’s not shy with lauding her various accomplishments and plus points, even offering ‘a toast to the ladies with class‘. A refreshing slice of originality on the mainstream scene, and whilst songs with such lyricism can sometimes come off a bit preachy, he delivers it well enough here to keep it engaging, helped greatly by a lively and upbeat production that comes to life in the hook. Wiz’s contribution doesn’t exactly make or break the track, and is instead just the expected tacked-on rap verse for those extra few fans, but overall it’s a solid pop jam that’ll be a radio favourite. R.E.D. Album drops on 6th November.

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