Mr. J. Medeiros-The Marquee

Despite being a big fan of his previous work, I’ve been surprisingly neglectful of his releases this year, so I apologise to both him and yourselves. This one is too good to ignore though, so consider me redeemed.

The boom-bap stylings of this production make it one that’ll hang around your head for days, with that percussion giving the track a punchy, powerful quality. The relatively soft synth and bass lighten the percussion skilfully, ensuring it doesn’t engulf the track whilst adding a bright and perky vibe of their own, making the production one that remains enjoyable for the hip-hop heads and accessible enough for the rest. Medeiros is a criminally-underrated rapper, and here he comes with more good work courtesy of a slightly attitudinal set of observational and everyday raps, packed into an easygoing flow that spotlights each line well. A very listenable all-rounder.

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