Mikill Pane-Dirty Rider

It’s been a short while since we heard from OTU favourite Mikill Pane, and here he drops off the lead single from his upcoming Dirty Rider EP, set to precede his official debut LP release. The latter, Blame Miss Barclay, is set for early 2013, and hence the EP may offer a glimpse into the direction the album may take.

If it’s anything like this single, you can lock down your listening for early 2013. The production combines influences from the drum and bass, classic punk and electro genres together into a style-bending, frenetic production with tons of uptempo charm, most of it delivered via lively guitar plucks and sharp percussion. Mikill’s clever raps are in full flow here, with enjoyable wordplay packed into quick and even quicker deliveries of watertight consistency, alongside a hook that borrows from 2Pac’s Ambitionz as a Ridah and adds a fun twist to it. A very replayable all-rounder that has already gained radio approval, and will hopefully impress many others.

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