Miguel-The Thrill (Video)

“I wanted to capture that unmistakable, unavoidable, unapologetic energy behind epic nights. This video is a wild montage of my favorite moments within a single day of celebration. Real memories created amongst real friends and real family.”

First heard on one of Miguel’s album preview EPs a little under a month ago, this was definitely one of the tracks that suggested Miguel’s album would do far more justice to his capabilities than his debut, and hence it’s a good choice for a single.

He only dropped off the video for Do You a few days back, and is already throwing this one out there to really capitalise on the good feeling surrounding him and his work. The production’s slow, sharp guitar plucks give this a great pacing, something the video seeks to contrast with quick cutaways being the primary effect used, switching between various party, performance and other scenes. Nothing too complicated, but a fairly easy watch for a smooth audio. Stream the full Kaleidoscope Dream album, or grab it for yourself on iTunes now.

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