Left Brain and Hodgy Beats are gearing up to release their Numbers album tomorrow (I can’t wait to finally get 65!), and the releases we’ve had from them in recent weeks have generally shown a much firmer grasp of the hip-hop genre and a move away from the Odd Future typecast.

Whilst many of the aformentioned leaks aren’t on the album, this one is actually the LP’s opener and sets up the album nicely. The production and raps have a quirky off-beat nature, making the listener focus a little more on the particulars of the track, whether its the lyrics or the deft production touches. That production is rather complex too, with an experimental set of melodies and samples underpinned by a slow-moving, thudding percussion that holds everything together well, whilst Hodgy’s raps are deliver in a watertight, speedy flow that suits him down to the ground. A good intro track, and be sure to support OFWGKTA with that album release tomorrow.

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