Meek Mill-Dreams and Nightmares Intro

View MMG as a sliding scale. If Stalley is at the end that true hip-hop heads can appreciate, then Rick Ross is probably at the other end, that being mainstream focus and acceptability. Meek Mill is usually on the Ross end, but from time to time he lets loose flashes of nearing the Stalley side of things, and this is one of those times.

Set to be the opener on his upcoming debut LP, Dreams and Nightmares (released a week today), and let’s be clear- many albums have had great intros and lacked anything beyond that. This could very well be the same, but Meek’s put together an desire-filled starting point that plays to his positives: he’s allowed to be intense, he’s displaying the hunger associated with those much worse off than he is, and he’s wrapped it all in a motivational delivery and production that makes this very endearing. Good listening, and I hope the album has more of these.

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