Meek Mill-Burn ft. Big Sean (Video)

Many enjoyed this collaboration between the MMG and G.O.O.D. rappers, taken from Meek’s Dreamchasers 2 mixtape of earlier this year, and it’s a decent choice for a buzz video before Meek drops off the Dreams and Nightmares album.

The production is intense and slightly dark with flicks of liveliness via the bell-like melody that consistently chimes throughout the track, and that relationship is capitalised on well with a dimly-lit environment boosted by bursts of fire. It’s far from a complicated, intricate video but it works closely enough with the audio to embellish its intensity and show off the energy of each artist, whilst giving them the now-expected opportunity to display their lavish goods. It’s not a video you’ll remember 2 months down the line and think ‘oh, I really want to rewatch that’, but it’s a decent refresh of the audio.

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