Matthew Santos-Burning Up (Video)

It’s been a very long time since we featured Matthew over here, which is a shame as he was a huge OTU favourite during our earlier years.

Compared to his excellent Burning Ship of Fools album, it’s immediately noticeable that he’s switched to a much more upbeat, percussion-heavy style that gives his soulful, wandering voice an entirely new direction to experiment with. The stripped-back acoustic stylings are all still in there, with the soft guitar plucks making for a warming addition throughout, but it’s the percussion that dominates this track due to it’s sheer force in dragging the track along at its pace. That power is almost matched by Matthew, who slowly evolves his vocals from the start to the end of every vocal section to an intensity befitting the drum work, and though it’s a far cry from the more subtle work that lured me into his music, it’s good to see him experiment with a considerably more mainstream-friendly sound.

The video’s much more reflective than the lively audio would suggest, with a dim filter and sprinklings of natural scenery across each scene adding calm to the rebellious activities and symbolism throughout the video, making for a good contrast that matches up to Santos’ own opposing musical styles. Grab the album this features on now.

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