Main Attrakionz-Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci (Video)

On this track’s release a short while back, I picked it out as a jam that would make for an excellent summer track, even if it came a little late in the year to capitalise on that. Main Attrakionz have actually gone in the other direction with the clip, with an autumnal and relatively industrial scenescape that still works well enough.

The overcast skies, cranes, boats and such all take a little bit of the positive brightness out of the track, however when combined with various other shots of the rappers ends up making for a video that commits more to the lyrics than the beat by showcasing their hometown. Hence, whilst it’s a little unexpected at first, the fact that they’re showing their pride in their locale despite the gloomy surroundings actually ends up being quite endearing, and definitely grounds the track in an admirable relatability. Decent and easygoing all-rounder.

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