Lloyd-Sexcapades ft. Roscoe Dash

Knowledge bomb: I’ve seen this track posted and discussed in several places, but no-one seems to have noticed this is actually a retooled version of a track from 2009. Proof?

That’s not a negative thing at all though, as the original was a great listen and this rework is even better. The production’s got a little more punch about it, without losing the wispy elements that complement Lloyd’s voice so well, and relies less on the tribal-esque production and slightly overdone backing vocals the original used. The speed is slowed down too, a shift that suits the lyrics much better and gives them a far sultrier styling that befits the bedroom music nature of them, whilst Lloyd’s re-recorded vocals also achieve the same effect as he throws in a varied combination of urgency and softer deliveries. A good update of the original, and look out for that The Playboy Diaries mixtape on 29th October.

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