L.A. Leakers-Strip ft. Problem, Ya Boy and Clyde Carson

Keeping it West, the L.A. Leakers recruited L.A.’s own Problem and the Bay Area’s Ya Boy and Clyde Carson for the stripper anthem, “Strip”. The L.A. Leakers Presents: The 2013 Draft Picks coming very soon!

Another remix drops for the popular G.O.O.D. Music anthem, and this is certainly an enjoyable one. Much like the west coast remix of The Motto that dropped way back when, there’s something intangibly enjoyable about hearing left coast guys on these bouncy, bassy productions. Problem comes through with an easy, memorable hook once again, setting the song off with a catchy quality before bringing a little energy in his verse, before Ya Boy and Clyde come through with solid contributions. Likeable remix to sit alongside the original.

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