Kid Cudi-King Wizard

That didn’t take long. Just a few days after streaming a preview of this track, a generous Kid Cudi previews the upcoming Indicud album by letting the full version go.

Cudi recently mentioned he’s been working heavily with Ratatat on this LP, and their influence shows on this self-produced track, with the production incorporating the ethereal samples and synths they’re so fond of, along with a bassy yet sharp percussion. Cudi’s working at his hybrid best here, melodic with alternative styling on the hook and slick with his flows on the rapped verses, the two combining for a commendably holistic performance that maximises the effectiveness of the experimental production. It’s a positive, more celebratory track in keeping with sections of the work he put in with WZRD, and hence it makes for a welcome departure from the downtrodden sounds of his second album. A track that should satisfy all reaches of his fanbase.

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