Kendrick Lamar-The Jig Is Up (Dump'n)

The week is up… Yall did it… Appreciation day is TODAY. Me and COLE was in the stu lastnight…

The support for Kendrick’s debut LP has been nothing short of magnificent, both critically and commercially, and in his typically generous fashion he lets this one fly. Cole and Kendrick’s previous work in this format spawned HiiiPower, one of the highlight’s from Lamar’s Section.80, and they’ve most certainly come up with the goods again. Cole (and Canei Finch) serve up a powerful production that blends slow-rolling percussion with melodies that seem somewhere between vintage horror movie and gospel (seriously), and it’s a versatile one that allows Kendrick to try out several deliveries that all work excellently. Another great release from an MC that’s arguably sitting at the top of the pile right now.

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