Kendrick Lamar-Big Boy's Neighborhood Freestyles

Of course, today marks the official release date for Kendrick debut LP good kid, m.A.A.d city, and with that comes a slew of additional material.

First up is this scintillating set of freestyles over a set of superb old-school instrumentals. K.Dot’s fans are going to really love this one, and alternately if you haven’t yet subscribed to the Kendrick hype, you’re about to. Big Boy’s beat selection encompasses some utter classics from the West Coast, and whilst I don’t want to ruin it before you’ve watched it, even the loosest of hip-hop fans will recognise several of the tracks. The highlight however is Kendrick seamless work on and between each one, bringing forth several styles from a laidback flow that emphasises his intelligent lyricism to a rapid fire tongue-twister, and in either case it’s frightening how smoothly he blends with the production of choice. The backing vocalists are very annoying, but otherwise this is a great watch that’ll encourage you to get that album if you haven’t already.

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