Kanye West-White Dress

The tracklist for RZA’s upcoming The Man With The Iron Fists film garnered plenty of attention, and this was definitely one of the standout tracks on first glance of that list.

For the hip-hop heads who’ve lost interest in Kanye since his College Dropout days, this will certainly be of interest. RZA’s worked up an easygoing, soulful production that feels like the J Dilla-style which heavily influenced Kanye’s work back around the time of his debut, combining a simple and short vocal sample with light percussion and soft synths to great effect. Undboutedly, ‘Ye’s raps have developed greatly since those days and hence hearing his stronger lyrical abilities on a throwback beat is pretty difficult to dislike, and is frankly what most hip-hop fans have wanted from him for the last year or so. Pre-order the OST below.

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