Josh Homme-Nobody to Love ft. David Sardy

The Queens of the Stone Age frontman quietly dropped this one off on the soundtrack for End of Watch, and I’m sure it’ll help temporarily satisfy QOTSA fans’ need for some new audio from the group.

An interesting blend of styles make this one up, with punchy and thick guitar work in the foreground accompanied by country-esque instrumental work in the background, along with lengthened, harmonic vocals that have a much stronger pop rock sensibility than most of the work with QOTSA. As a result of the latter, the song slots into an easily-digestable structure, with verses packed with a lively backdrop and subdued vocals and a hook that scales upwards courtesy of a cacophony of instruments and much more empassioned vocals.

A very likeable all-rounder that boasts a hook of considerable replayability. Hopefully there’s a release planned for this track soon, as I couldn’t see it hanging around anywhere.

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