Joey Bada$$-Fromdatomb$ ft. Chuck Strangers (Video)

Fromdatomb$ is the last video I wanted to drop off “1999″ because I felt like this closed out the tape perfectly. I’m locked in the studio putting in that twerk on this new PRO ERA tape set to drop December 21st.

Easily one of our favourite upcomers in the industry, Joey’s stock continues to rise after releasing his fantastic 1999 mixtape, and of course the bonus pack Rejex.

With 1999 being such a strong body of work, it’s difficult to praise individual tracks, and hence calling this a favourite wouldn’t necessarily be the truth. Instead, it’s one of many excellent efforts that showcase just why hip-hop heads have taken this teenager in with open arms and is a good choice to demonstrate just why that’s taken place. The production boasts a hometown vocal sample, deliciously throwback percussion with plenty of verve, and bright keys that tie everything together in a positive package, whilst Joey and Chuck’s raps demonstrate a maturity beyond their years without losing any of their youthful exuberance. The video’s entirely filmed locally, giving the music a raw, street edge and allowing Joey to show off a strong on-screen presence, whilst the slight blur and fade adds a further old school style. There’s little to dislike here, and I can’t wait to see what the ProEra boys drop off on 21st December.

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