Joe Budden - She Don't Put It Down Like You ft. Lil' Wayne & Tank

Joe Budden releases the first drop from his upcoming A Loose Quarter mixtape. Now, if you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know there’s not much drama going on in his life for once, he’s just loved up. Given the nature of his music, this will reflect itself in the music he puts out and this is a prime example. This is a commercial sounding hip-hop/R&B hybrid that’d sound great in the club, and getting Lil’ Wayne as feature (who actually sounds like his old self on this!) is a pretty good measure of Joey’s buzz in the industry. Those worried Budden’s quality of music would deteriorate given his happy mindset need not fear, the beat on this is great – I’ve always wondered why he didn’t venture into this territory more often, he showed several years ago with his classic Marques Houston feature that he’s more than capable. Download below.

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