Jack Davey-L0-F! (Side A) (Full Album Stream)

Side A is a five-track journey into the psyche of a songwriter entering a brand new chapter in her life. “I literally recorded every song in the walk-in closet in my Koreatown apartment during the few moments when my newborn baby was asleep,” says Jack. “I was hearing a raw & gritty rock sound in my head & knew that I would have to create it myself in order to get exactly what I was imagining.”

I was a little underwhelmed with the early releases from this project, but one thing J*Davey (and by association Jack) have been good for is dropping off that one absolute gem that sticks around your playlists for months. There’s no doubt she’s got the skill to pull off something as alternative as this, and hence let’s hope the execution comes off and there’s more than one replayable effort in here. Free stream below.

Jack Davey-LO-F! (Side A)

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