Hit-Boy-East vs. West

It was only yesterday I said that this guy can do no wrong at the minute, and whilst I said that in the context of his production work, I overlooked how consistently enjoyable his recent solo material has been.

If you grabbed his HITstory mixtape you’ll be familiar with this ode to 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G., and if you didn’t you’re about to get a very good reason to grab that mixtape. The production combines a piercing percussion and lively horns with a vintage feel, the latter giving the beat a reflective vibe whilst the former keeps things ticking over briskly. Hit’s really beginning to hold his own as a rapper, and this is a very likeable piece of storytelling that demonstrates some solid flows and a real confidence and intelligence about the way he handles hip-hop.

The video is easy viewing, with Hit rapping in front of Biggie and Pac montages whilst outfitting himself in a similar manner to each of them when doing so, interspersed with scenes of him flicking through old vinyls at a record store. It’s a clip and audio that feel hip-hop through and through, with a warming throwback quality. As Hit puts it, ‘this that shit y’all don’t hear no more‘. Grab this on the mixtape at the above link.

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