Gunplay-Rap Sheet

The most unpredictable man in hip-hop. MMG’s Gunplay has videos out of him in amusement parks, fishing, being jumped by G-Unit and whatever else. Today? He’s released arguably his best track to date, and then turned himself into the police on armed robbery and assault charges. There are no words.

Many will remember XV’s excellent 30,000 Feet Up In The Sky from last year, sampling Mt. Eden’s Sierra Leone, and Gunplay strips away the dubstep vibe to just borrow the vocal sample from that beat for his own use here. The slow yet sharp percussion that steps in gives the sample a more soulful vibe and hence makes the track a little more vocal-centric rather than bass-focused. Gunplay’s raps aren’t changed much from his usual aggressive themes, but nonetheless the output sounds excellent over this beat and certainly makes for a track more likely to crack a wider audience. Shame he’s probably going to be put away for a few years though, there goes our fun!

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