Gilbere Forte-Pray

Gilbere hasn’t been particularly active as a solo performer since the start of the year, with only a couple of features and collaborations to his name and as one of the more consistent and likeable upcomers when he was regularly releasing material, it’s nice to have him back on the scene.

Pray opens with a sample of a tribal-esque chant, immediately giving the track a visceral yet soulful style that sets things up nicely, and softens the sharpness of the claps and percussion that follow. The introduction of slow bass hits adds a good level of depth to the piercing production and set up Gilbere’s raps nicely, with the pace of the beat allowing for him to experiment with a range of flows, inflections and styles, reminding fans of the versatility he’s capable of. There’s a more positive vibe about this one in comparison to his earlier work, and whilst I do prefer him on the more introspective work, this is the best option to re-announce himself due to it’s explosive and memorable nature.

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