Danny Brown-WitIt (Video)

Danny Brown’s “WitIt” is basically the craziest, most futuristic rap song ever made, so to celebrate he got Bijoux Altamirano to whip him up a video inspired equally by .gifs and No Limit cover art.

What a character. He’s insanely entertaining, and whilst his laidback Grown Up is probably his most popular song, it’s good to get something heavier and harder to showcase what Danny’s more accustomed to.

The production is a frenetic speaker breaker, combining leftfield electro melodies with a thunderous bass that’ll definitely melt the inside of your skull. It almost pretends to be complicated, but is actually a likeably simple production that keeps things big and brash, and suits Danny’s high-pitched style nicely whilst being slow enough to allow for a little flow experimentation.

The video’s as the above description would suggest: crazy. Full of scantily clad women (which is absolutely no surprise given), the video pokes a little fun at old-school rap styling, video effects and so on, whilst giving Danny enough screentime to be the lovable rogue that he is. A fun all-rounder that hopefully gets a release soon.

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