Danny Brown-Grown Up (ATG Remix)

The original and its accompanying instrumental were staples of my summer listening, and it’s nice to get a little refresh of a track I’ve played into the ground.

In a move of confidence and controversy, ATG completely strips out that addictive production for one of his own. With a track like this that’s insanely risky, but he manages to pull it off by laying down a bassy and detailed beat of his own that adds a new inflection to the lyrics. The original added a lightness to Danny’s biographical lyrics, whereas this utilises pounding percussion to create a more driven and focused soundscape, and hence strengthen the more serious side of the lyricism. It’s also much less spotlight-stealing than the original, and allows for the lyrics to actually be conveyed much clearer without the distraction of that bright, summery production. A nice accompaniment to the original for sure.

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