Bruno Mars-Locked Out of Heaven

It’s interesting how so many of us (note, I said ‘us’) turned on this guy quite quickly. Prior to his album being released, some of the demos and rough tracks of his that leaked into various R&B Fridays episodes were real fan favourites, and undoubtedly showcased a very talented guy. However, it seems the closer we got to that album, the more those fans turned away and despite his style still being fairly crossover, the general reasoning is that he got ‘too pop’.

I don’t think this will do much to change that view. Whilst the verses are busy, upbeat and filled with lively instrumentation, some of the lyrical work is really lacking in comparison to his earlier work, particularly in the hook which is quite clearly targeted at teenage girls singing into their hairbrushes. It’s difficult to ever question his vocals as those slight imperfections are what adds character and emotion to his work, but truthfully that’s the only source of those two things: this just feels repetitive and easy for a man of his talents, and hence very hollow. No doubt that this will be an enormous hit, but for the fans who were hoping he’d return to old form, I’d give it a miss.

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