Bloc Party-Kettling (Video)

Oddly, I’ve completely forgotten to give this album a listen. I own it and everything, I just seem to have drawn a blank on what I do next.

This track therefore came as a pleasant surprise. It’s much harder than anything I’ve heard from the band before, but in a refined and controlled way, as opposed to the jaggedness of their last album. The guitars and percussion are crashing and packed with attitude, whilst Kele’s at his melodic best to offer a nice contrast to that instrumentation, with that duality represented excellently in the video. The inherent innocence of children is flipped on its head as they seem to become unruly and riotous, capturing the punchy backdrop well, whilst tempering the discomfort of watching anarchy with the mere fact they’re all very young, a possible typification of the surface-level appreciation for the vocal work.

A very good all-round visual which essentially keeps both the audio and video quite simple, and achieves maximum effectiveness. Grab their Four album (and actually listen to it, unlike me) now.

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