Big Sean-GUAP

Sean’s Detroit mixtape was certainly one of the more enjoyable projects in recent months, and that was always planned as a prelude to his second LP release, with Hall of Fame set to land on 18th December.

This, I’m a little undecided on. The island-inspired production is a nice shift from the norm for Sean, with the steel drums and general positivity of the production being a fun listen that would be nicely suited to the summer months, and the production doesn’t let down on the head-nodding bass either. However, the rapping isn’t quite Sean at his best, with the subject matter being a little uninspired and that results in slightly repetitive raps, though there are no complaints about his selection of flows and there are a couple of typically-witty punchlines thrown in for good measure. It’s an OK track that may catch a couple of plays, but doesn’t match up to some of the mixtape material, and I expect there’s better work to come.

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